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Angela Neustatter (above right) is a freelance journalist and writer of the acclaimed book A Home for the Heart.


See a sample chapter of novel Music Food of Love, Gypsy published on Amazon, about work Grassmarket Project did which led to Sarah Kane starting to work in theatre; inspired by Natalia Koliade of Belarus Free Theatre

Poetry Competition

2015 looked at how dictatorship conceals itself, whether with those on the edges of our society or of Eastern Europe: first prize under Zena Edwards


Inverse Narnia

Pacifists and Belarus

Is there a wooly dream

of love beyond dictators?


Of wooly hats sewn full of dreams?

We normally expect to

Be able to find


A world where we can walk out of

Our bedroom

Dream like Oblomov



Kew: Working with Nature

We are currently developing ideas around Green imagery such as the Green Woman, or lack of her, compared to the Green Man, often the name of pubs around and about.


Updates: Thanks To Apple for free software and Pret A Manger for Salads and Wraps for Workshops.

We are running our most advanced ever series of workshops to inspire, and engage young people who wish to be students of drama and give concrete support helping make showreels:


Check out also Rupert Ferguson as www.twitter.com/RupertTheswarm for his daily tweets uncovering corruption in society and stories of abuse by politicians or councillors. There is also a film BE HEARD by Judy Goldberg, including Charlie's words on physical abuse and how it ruins lives which was produced by King's Speech producer Gareth Unwin.


Recently:I noticed Pater Noster Square where it warns 'you are trespassing' before then inviting you to walk freely across, before then refining that by telling you 'this can be revoked at any time'; it seems amusing at first, but then you realise that inspite of a sculpture of shepherd with his sheep, we are only partly welcome in some locations. How this might apply to our personal relationships is something we wish to explore; edgy and Kafkaesque is the way we might see it, but perhaps there is a sinister tone also, as homeless gathering there feel whenever they are out.


Our work is taking shape on theatre projects and new writing.


New 2015 issue of The Wand Arts Review


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Laura and Charlie


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Charter of The Award


The London Peace Prize is a resident-based award given to a person whose life's endeavours have contributed to enhancing understanding and neighbourliness. Nominees will be chosen from people who have made invaluable contributions to our community. We aim to offer two awards to commend both an adult and a young person who have made a difference.


How it all began...


I was moved to create the London Peace Prize being emotionally shocked by the 2011 riots in Ealing, London, where I was living. The question in the air was: Why Ealing? I wondered if it was about disengagement from a supportive community, from a caring community. Was there such a community? Was anyone trying to build it? Why were the young rioters not involved in organising social protest that would improve the society they were so angry about?


So I thought it might be useful to sponsor this London Peace through Community Award to bring to people’s attention the individuals whose work is making changes in their community, whose work is about building neighbourliness, understanding and positive activities. Positive action is the only way to heal and bring about “Peace”. No overly-restrictive laws, no police cells and no lack of jobs or decent housing will ever achieve it.


Charles Wiseman

Founding Director


Board and Supporters


Tom Wiseman ( Pictured with Prof Jim Haynes, Paris)Has supported alongside Charlie work with homeless from Edinburgh's street to Berlin.


Renata Nedela Trained as a lawyer has since become an actress with a verve and enthusiasm to involve others and participate.


Timothy West President of LAMDA and a celebrated actor renowned for his film and television work. He has appeared in a short film for Charlie Wiseman "World March for Peace", involving youths and so encouraging their confidence in performing.


Angela Neustatter, who has been a freelance journalist for three decades with various newspapers and editing "Young minds", with a professional focus on youth matters:- a top alternative voice whose upbringing at Summerhill is reflected by her strong sense of self and her success as a journalist with a special interest in youth education and matters is also the author of the book "A Home for the Heart'' (2012). We discuss how our "family background gives us a place of peace to come from when we go out into the world".She has been much inspired by Gandhi’s outlook and peaceful method of working:"Like Gandhi taught by being at peace it spills out like a puddle...."


Marie Storck therapist who has also been active raising concerns in the Community for years. She has also worked as a dealer in art and antiques and pianist


Ray Brooks who starred in 'Cathy Come Home' by Ken Loach which led to Shelter. Ray (and his wife Sadie) has been a friend since my childhood, with his daughter Emma my first playmate. His Hollywood debut was "The Knack and How to Get It": his autobioraphy "G Learning My Lines" Friends like Ken Loach and Lennon


Charles Wiseman writer and director whose main life’s work has been playwriting and producing theatre involving young people and the homeless in addition to professional actors. His productions have played at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Volksbuhne Theatre Berlin, London fringe theatres. He has also made film for the Millenium awards which involved mentoring disadvantaged youths.


Ann Pavett, who as well as fufilling the ambition of running 'Ealing Arts' and starting the OPEN Ealing has inspired me with the confidence to run the award.


Jude Kelly, longterm friend and brilliant runner of Southbank Centre, she first invited me to West Yorkshire Playhouse.


Ken Loach who directed Ray, also a responsible thinker on social issues. Our first play 'Glad to be Alive' was justly called a 'Cathy Come Home for the Nineties' by Irving Wardle, Sunday Independent which gives our work a unique connection to his ouevre as well as the fact of our being invited to Berlin's People's Stage, Volksbuhne which in the 1890s showed the first social realist work with Gerhart Hauptmann which is why we were the first British company ever invited there when we toured 'Glad' as a day in the life of street folk.

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