The Wand


Imagine Gardens..

... gathering herbs



Salvia is from the Latin salvare, to heal, and we all need healing in these times of growing panic about climate change



The gardeners at Kew, showed off the two hundred varieties of salvia that were growing by the kitchen garden where Raymond Blanc had recently done his TV series, all along the wall.




talking to trees


Isn't nature like pure imagination?

It illuminates our understanding of things we might not otherwise understand.

For example:

Quercus ilex and quercus robur have been combined to form quercus x turneri or Turner’s Oak, in the common tongue. There is an example near the Spice Exchange, a mammoth old tree that was lifted out of the ground by the Great Storm of 1987 which resulted mysteriously in the tree growing rapidly for the first time in years. The scientists and botanists studied this phenomenon with great alacrity and eventually deduced that it had allowed air, water and nutrients into the old root system.

Is this like us? Do we find more out when we are shaken up?!

Painting of the oak


How will we survive?

We all need to have clarity, salvia claris is in fact now recognised as medicinally as in history for giving cleansing of eyes; as we are all being swept away by the stormy clouds and dusty streets,we need to grow it within and without Kew's big walls to be able to be a haven of peace.

I feel that here we can continue to explore what measures might be taken as well as advising people on how best to protect their seedlings.

"Visions of the future are stored," Annie Director of the gardens replied.

"The vegetable growth & yield here has increased dramatically since we are growing them to survive and we have collected the best for you: squash, potato tubers and chamomile lawns for those of us unnerved by current events."


The storms are the inner storms, the dunes the sand and dust within, the dust to dust of all ambition, the dust brought by blowing winds...

A figure in the background, often half noticed but quoted, was Lichen Lissie. Was she real or invented as a necessary invention to make sense of the times?


Surely men had wrought destruction and surely she might make it better, like Mother Earth, her words were quoted everywhere, whether real or invented, the words which again and again were construed as referring to the generally dire strait of the government’s unwillingness to accept what Green Party members suggested, about how it was really a sign from above, as though the storm was somehow symbolic of the need for people to recognise their own culpability in the face of climate concern, that indeed to quote Green Liz ‘the storm reflects the inner world of deserts within.’

Infinite variety of Nature is what makes the Spice of Life

Talking to herbs:‘The sticky seeds of the salvia officinalis, have long been recommended, since medieval times, for impaired vision.’


Also salvia is generally good for all purposes, from cancer wih researchers finding them potentially healing, to those with Alzheimers or losing their memory

So why do we need to change our sight? Are we watching with eyes blurred from exhaustion? Or blinded by daily suffering? Sand in our eyes?

There is helf and hope all around, Andrej who is from Slovenia proves it when telling us that if you are unemployed you are still offered 70 euros weekly for working for charity

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers for that's how some have entertained angels unaware. It is in Hebrews 13 but it is relevant to everyone thousands of years after it was written, perhaps the sleepy dreamers like Oblomov are angels put there to help us

sleep and dream better, so that when are awake we are really alert.


One journalist asked Oblomov where he was from: he answered that he was from far away.

Was it Amazon? As people say you are a spirit of the woods? I lived there, too, but no,' replies Oblomov. 'O how many forests I have lived in, but the biggest forest is the one of the heart, a forest Lichen Lissie lives in: Green Woman.


Renata Nedela was sewing dreams into hats when she was in Transylvannia with her grandmother in Circarlau, in County Maramu

Ray Brooks: growing up his daughter Emma played and we loved listening to him on Mr Benn.

The Knack won the "Palmes D'Or". Some invisible force drew me to him: later I was aware he was Ken Loach's lead in "Cathy Come Home" on homelessness, a subject I have written about in "Gypsy" on Kindle.

The media were intrigued, because he did not want to use them to make himself powerful. He was silent and a mystery.


"Why," Annie would ask,"do you not defend yourself when people make fun of you dreaming?"


"Wonder is often underrated as benefitting curious mysteriousness. He looked through me," Annie said. "He has no need to justify as he is content in himself, as the wild grasses he sleeps in."



"The wind blows.." he told her, "the wind is everywhere, invisible like your love, yet all around us, giving us goose pimples."


"So I went out," she told an insider to the gardens. "I saw the grasses where we lay at night, and watched as they shivered and swayed in the wind, and then suddenly I grew aware that how they seed themselves is important. They are hermaphroditic and need no other plant‐also they spread simply by the wind. They seed easily and of all plants they also are best able to stabilise ground."


We seek to help people

who want to help themselves. There is little you can do those who do not. So it is the dreamers, the legendary Lichen Lissie, or Oblomov as Tim West who we have voiceovers from.


Everyone wished to know

or claimed they had access to them.

"Dada is the garden of eden

anarchic in its growth

plants and seed

for the ark," Oblomov explains.

His formidable eyebrows dance like butterflies as he talks.



Why do owls have such wonderfully large eyes? To see tthrough the night into the invvisible, the Green Woman said. It is often what we cannot see that is most significant.

"He was not just an owl living in the hollow of a tree, in feathers and twigs with his young baby owl He was so much to me," Lichen Lissie went on.

Anywhere where there was water he would search for dreams, in the night, luminous butterflies at Kew, which is the new Ark, where Seed Bank preserves already fiteen percent of the world's seeds, and is aiming to have 25 percent by 2020


Or Battersea Park which was once a market garden, where Oblomov and Lissie grew asparagus and ripened apples so they could lie in the treetop drinking in the sun




The images you find here are also available in form of a calendar, higher definition and beautifully crafted together, with useful dates, by Rangoli sand artist Jayson Singh.


This poster advertising Battersea Park was created, according to Fred Wiseman, Charlie's brother, after the marshland had been reclaimed. "Up until then much of what is Battersea was a Market Garden, with asparagus growing where the Asparagus Pub is now situated. This where a young Nell Dunn, an aristocrat from Chelsea came to live, with her husband Jeremy Sandford, which is where they also had a couple with children living next door, who could not pay their rent and were evicted. This became the subject matter of "Cathy Come Home", which is to this day is often voted the best TV film ever made.


Among images will also be art work from Isis Olivier granddaughter of Sir Larry Olivier, who gave her work free on our Kickstarter: she paints three graces, "inspired", she attests, "by the work of Michelangelo called "the Slaves" where the unfinished scultures give them impression of trapped creatures trying to free. Peter Jonas, also an artist who has made awarded films with partner Sina Boyes can be found